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Bike Helmets on Kids Campaign

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The Bike Helmets on Kids Campaign, hosted by the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and Murray Ralston Lawyers (whose representative is featured in the photo above), took place at local schools on April 30th, 2015. The organizers treated each student in attendance with a free helmet. The children were thrilled to receive them!

Guest speakers from the North Bay Police Service, Chief Paul Cook and Constable Al Bedard, were in attendance at Dr. MacDougall and J. W. Trusler public schools on this day to speak to Grade 3 students about bicycle safety. The students were told about another North Bay 8-year old boy who was hit by a truck while cycling over 10 years ago. He survived with only a bump to his head and a scratch to his cheek thanks to the helmet he was wearing. The broken helmet, pictured above in Cst. Bedard's hands, shows how serious the situation was. The helmet saved him from a serious injury. The children were reminded that they must have a working bell on their bicycles, as well as a light if they are riding at night. They were also shown the 2V1 trick, pictured below, on how to properly wear their helmets. Later that day, Chief Cook and Cst. Bedard addressed children at the local Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

While cyclists under 18 must wear a helmet while riding a bicycle by law, those 18 and over are wise to wear one, too! Note to parents or guardians: If your child is under 16, you are responsible for ensuring he or she is wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle. Highway Traffic Act, 104 (2.2)



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