Camsafe - Partner with the police for a safer community

CAMsafe - What is it?

CAMSafe is a CCTV and security video registry aimed at keeping our community safe and assisting police solve crime.

Think of it like Neighbourhood Watch 2.0.

The program is set up to be a registry of anyone who owns security cameras, CCTV systems or doorbell cams in the province of Ontario. Only police have access to the database of registrants. Camsafe only requests basic contact information and camera locations – nothing else. No account information or specifics required. And you can change or delete your information at any time.

All this program is aimed at doing is providing a starting point for police officers to find video footage to assist an investigation.

For example, if there was a break and enter to a home on a city street, the investigating officer can log onto Camsafe and much like Google Maps, geofence an area and see if there are anyone who has registered a camera in the area. From that point, the officer – using the contact information provided – would request the footage from the owner.

Click here for more information on how to simply register your security camera, free of charge:


CAMSafe is a new program aimed at creating a database of private security cameras in the province.

It will act as a resource for police when investigating criminal offences.

Studies have shown security cameras have not only reduced crime rates but also act as an extra set of eyes to help police identify and apprehend criminals. This program establishes a community network that will help protect our neighborhoods.

CAMSafe is a database of camera locations only - only you will ever have direct access to your security system and account information. The program is a resource allowing police to know the location of cameras within a geographic area when investigating crime. If police require access to your footage, they will reach out to you and make a request directly.

How Does CAMSafe Work?

Register any security cameras with as many or as few details you as wish: direction the camera captures, footage retention and even screenshots. If a crime is committed and officers believe the footage may benefit the investigation, an officer will contact you to request footage. You can delete your account and change your information at any time. And you are under no obligation to share your footage with police.

How can registering my camera help?

Having a resource which real-time maps camera locations in the city will not only reduce time officers spend searching for footage, but will play a pivotal role in a fast-moving investigation such as a potential kidnapping or robbery. Think of it like Neighbourhood Watch 2.0.

Who has access to my cameras?

Only you. Participating police agencies cannot access your security system or cloud-based accounts. The purpose of this community project is to provide a registry of cameras only with contact information for the owner. If your footage would be beneficial, an officer will reach out and request you provide the footage to police. Only police officers have access to the CAMSafe database.

We all play a vital part in keeping our community safe. Join us in providing greater community security by registering your security cameras today.

Can I register more than one address, like a business too?

Yes. Once you create an account you will have an option to add additional addresses and camera locations.

My business or home has dozens of cameras. Is there a better way?

Yes, we have developed a method to mass import cameras into your account. Contact us and we can assist by sending you a .csv file that will do this automatically.

I work for a school or public agency, can I register?

We have a number of schools, public agencies and institutions which have chosen to register with CAMSafe. Quite simply, they see the value in partnering with law enforcement to ensure the safety of their communities. Contact us for more information.

I'm a police service and want to get my agency on board. Can you help?

Absolutely. We have helped launch this program in communities across the province. Contact us to set up a meeting, either online or virtual, and we can help. There is no cost for police agencies and communities to partner with CAMSafe. This program was designed and launched to be free-of-charge to any police service, no matter what size. Click here for more information.

We all play a part in keeping our community safe!

Your participation helps to provide a stronger defense from: Theft, arson, vandalism, fraud, stalking and kidnapping along with any other crimes that take place in our neighbourhoods.