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A Day in the Life of Crime Prevention

November 4, 2019

Yesterday morning I got up and put on the coffee. That gave me enough time to check my new security cameras. It was quick and easy. No one was snooping around my house last night.

After coffee I went out for a walk. I spoke to Bob. He lives four doors down. I never really spoke to him much until our area started buying into the ‘Know Your Neighbour’ crime prevention initiative. Bob is a great guy and really keeps his eyes peeled for anything unusual in the neighbourhood. When I got back from my walk I remembered to turn off my motion sensor lights. I don’t want to run the electric bill up but I learned that proper lighting is in itself a great way to make my house less of a target for would be criminals. I checked my back yard for a few minutes and scanned the neighbours behind me. It becomes so easy to be an active person in prevention. That’s why I learned the name of the street behind my house. If I have to dial 911 for police, fire or ambulance I can help emergency services get to the right place the first time and on time.

Time for a quick trip to the mall. I couldn’t believe it when I found out that 20% of collisions occur in parking lots. Now I look for a pull through spot or walk a little farther. 30 seconds walking is more time efficient than spending an hour to fill out papers for a fender bender. When I was at the mall the Canada Revenue Agency called me. They are going to arrest me for not paying my taxes! I am so glad I logged onto the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website and learned about that fraud and many more. Money is too hard to get to give it to some scammer. I make sure to google the fraud centre once a month to make sure I know about all the latest scams.

The rest of the day was pretty normal. I was settling in to watch a hockey game on TV when I remembered; lock it or lose it. I made certain my car, garage and shed were all locked and the motion detecting lights were on too. When I turned on my security camera I realized I should register with the North Bay Police SCRAM program. ([email protected] ) If something happens in my neighbourhood the police know I have a camera that may have captured footage of something and I am willing to share.

Now I can relax and know that I took the steps to help safeguard my neighbourhood. I am glad we are all working together to make it safe. Now it’s back to the game. If we could work on getting that Stanley Cup north of the border!