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Being Safe at Home - What’s on your household curriculum?

April 9, 2020

Staying home is your contribution to battling COVID-19 in our community. Monitoring your household’s on-line activities is your contribution to ensuring your children remain safe in their internet community.

Schooling has now moved into everyone’s home and as a result your children are seeing more screen time. You need to add Cyber Safety and Cybercrimes to your child’s Curriculum!

Parents need to be involved and have an open discussion with your kids about online safety. You want your children to make good decisions and that includes their on-line time.Conversations with them about the potential risks that could happen should be followed up with monitoring their internet because there are certain members of our society that use the internet to prey on unsuspecting people including our youth.

Parents can take advantage of parental controls and a great resource is the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. For more information on how to keep your children safe while navigating the internet visit and

The North Bay Police Service is part of the Ontario Provincial Strategy to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation on the Internet. Detective Constable Buchanan, is assigned to this unit full time and advises “You don’t need to be alarmed, you just need to be prepared. Police Services and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection are committed to educating children and parents about on-line dangers. Their website is an excellent source of prevention material”.