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Change in the Weather

November 19, 2020

With a change in the weather police advise all our motoring public it is time to adjust your speed as the road conditions change to wintery weather.

But what do you do if there is a collision? North Bay Police and Collision Reporting Centre want you to remind you to drive safe but if a collision occurs, besides having patience, you should have the following knowledge.

If you accidentally hit someone’s vehicle in a parking lot or you see another driver hit someone’s vehicle and leave the scene what should you do?

When parking your vehicle, make sure to properly park in the designated parking spot. Stay within the lines to the best of your ability. Leave enough room so that the person parked beside you has enough room to open their door.

If you hit someone’s vehicle in the parking lot, you must notify them. Please make sure to exchange information with the driver of the other vehicle(s):

  • Driver's Licence
  • Insurance information
  • Ownership information
  • Phone number

If the estimated damage of all vehicles involved is more than $2,000, you must attend the Collision Reporting Centre located in North Bay Police Building 135 Princess Street West North Bay to file a report. (Phone 705-497-1600)

Motor vehicle collisions that occur within the City of North Bay or Callander are directed to the Collision Reporting Centre EXCEPT in more serious circumstances where you are directed to call 911, such as:

  • The collision results in injury or death
  • A vehicle involved in the collision is carrying hazardous material
  • There is reason to believe Criminality is involved (i.e. Impaired Driver, stolen vehicle, etc.)

If you witness someone hit a vehicle in a parking lot and flee the scene, call Police at 705-472-1234 to report it. Be sure to include the driver’s licence plate number, a description of the vehicle, and a description of the driver if possible. It is an offence to leave the scene of a collision, whether it is in a parking lot or on the roadway. If you witness a hit and run on a roadway, call 911.

When to call 9-1-1:

  • Emergency situations where someone is injured and requires police, fire or medical assistance
  • If you or another person is in imminent danger
  • If you witness an impaired driver operating their vehicle in a dangerous manner
  • If you witness or are involved in a hit and run on the roadway. Make sure to take down the license plate number, description of the vehicle and occupants, and location & direction of travel of the suspect, if possible.

Prior to attending the Collision Reporting Centre, ensure you have the proper and valid documentations:driver licence, ownership and insurance slip, and the vehicle involved. If the vehicle has been towed from the collision scene, confirm with the tow company that the vehicle has been towed to and from the Collision Reporting Centre for photos.