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CRA Fraud

July 19, 2018

Yesterday North Bay Police were advised by a victim of the CRA Scam that the scammers were using Caller ID Spoofing.

The victim was contacted on three separate occasions on July 18th, 2018. All three contacts were as a result of a supposed Canada Revenue Agency investigator requiring 600 dollars for back taxes or the person was going to jail. The victim’s call display indicated one of the calls came from the local OPP Detachment. As a result of this the victim sent the funds later realizing it was a scam and reported it to police.

North Bay Police advise that education is the best way to combat Mass Marketing Fraud. Talk to your family, talk to your friends and talk to your neighbours.

The CRA Scam has been around for years. Scammers call people impersonating the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and claim that a recent audit has identified taxes that are due taxes immediately. The Scammers threaten that failure to pay will result in more fees and also jail. Sometimes they impersonate police as well.

In this incident Caller ID spoofing was used. It disguises telephone numbers appearing on a caller ID display. This popular tool allows scammers to disguise their calls, as the call will appear to be coming from local or familiar numbers to trick people into answering the phone and trusting the caller.

If you get a call from someone who says they represent a company or a government agency and they want money or personal information tell them you will call back. Don’t call any number they provide. Look it up yourself on the website or phonebook so you can ensure you are speaking to the real representative.

More fraud prevention tips are available at the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.