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Cyclist and Pedestrian Road Safety Tips

July 7, 2022

The North Bay Police Service is providing cyclists and pedestrians with some road safety tips, as well as reminding them of their legal obligations.

Many people are enjoying the warmer weather by walking and cycling throughout our community. Walking and cycling are great pastimes for those who are physically able to partake. However, when travelling on roadways, it is important for pedestrians and cyclists to follow the law in order to keep themselves and those around them safe.

Pedestrian Safety

According to Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act, when there is not a sidewalk on a roadway, pedestrians should walk on the lefthand side of the roadway, as close to the left edge as possible, facing oncoming traffic. This ensures you are clearly visible to traffic and that you are aware of oncoming traffic. Pedestrians are prohibited from walking on 400-series highways.

Cyclist Safety

Under the Highway Traffic Act, bicycles are considered “vehicles” that belong on the road. This means cyclists must travel with the flow of traffic and follow all applicable traffic laws.

Ciclysts must travel on the righthand side of the road, as close to the edge of the road as possible, except when preparing to turn left, when passing another vehicle, or if the lane is too narrow to share. Like pedestrians, cyclists are also prohibited from travelling on 400-series highways.

Laws for children operating bicycles are slightly different:

  • Cyclists under the age of 10 can travel on sidewalks;
  • Cyclists under the age of 18 must wear an approved bicycle helmet;
    • a parent or guardian must ensure children age 16 and under wear their helmet;
  • Children riding in a child carrier or bicycle trailer are also required to wear a helmet.

By law, all bicycles operating on roadways are required to be equipped with:

  • A bell or horn;
  • Lights and reflectors:
    • a white light mounted on front of the bike
    • a red light or reflector mounted on the back at night
  • White reflective tape on the front forks and red reflective tape on the rear forks

Additional safety information from Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation can be found online at: