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Emergency Scam Calls Hitting North Bay Area

March 6, 2019

North Bay Police advise that today there have been two reports of the Emergency Scam hitting residents in the city.

Scammers will use social media, the internet and phones to target potential victims with the emergency scam.

In these two cases today it involved telephone calls. In the first report the potential victim received a call from their “child” who was impaired and needed bail money. In the second report the caller reported their “child” was in an automobile accident, has a broken nose and medical funds are required. In both cases the potential victim recognized the scam and reported the matter to police. No money was transferred.

These two reports represent the two common themes scammers use. A family member has been arrested OR got into an accident. Money is required for hospital expenses, lawyer fees or bail. Usually the potential victim is instructed to send money by use of a money service business like Western Union or MoneyGram.

This is fraud prevention month. Education works. With the scammers hitting our area make sure you, your family and your friends know how the scam targets people.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has an excellent website for prevention. ( ) March is Fraud Prevention Month. Celebrate this year by ensuring you and your family are not victims.

Fraud: Recognize. Reject. Report.