News Releases


July 3, 2019

On July 1st North Bay Police responded to a female in distress at a McIntyre Street East residence in North Bay. The police investigation has resulted in the arrest of:

Daniel Wilson, age 59, of North Bay who is charged with:

  • One count of Extortion; and
  • One count of Forcible Confinement.

Kimberly Johnson, age 45, of North Bay who is charged with:

  • One Count of Extortion; and
  • One Count of Forcible Confinement

It is alleged that the female victim attended the residence of the two accused who are known to her.

A dispute occurred resulting in the victim being held against her will. At one point the victim was allowed to use the phone which resulted in the police being alerted.

Police attended the location and the victim was safely removed with no physical injuries.

Both accused were arrested and remain in custody pending bail hearings at the North Bay Courthouse.