News Releases

​Fraud Investigation

September 25, 2019

The fraud section of the North Bay Police Service is currently involved in a multi-jurisdictional investigation involving fraudsters targeting the business community.

Card Not Present (CNP) frauds occur where the credit card and the cardholder are not present during a purchase. So this would include purchases made over the phone, by email, fax or a website.

In this ongoing investigation the fraudster placed an order for a product from a business in North Bay in late August 2019. The business accepted the credit card information which was processed and the material ordered was shipped to an address in southern Ontario. Subsequent to the purchase the credit card holder identified that their credit information had been compromised and disputed the charge with the credit card company in early September. This resulted in a chargeback and the business had to reimburse the purchase amount. The financial loss to the business was just over $ 5,000.

North Bay Police want to remind businesses that accepting CNP orders makes you susceptible to becoming a victim. You can lower your risk by using the automated verification tools supported by your payment processors.

This investigation also highlights the need for everyone to check their credit card statements on a regular basis to ensure you have authorized all purchases. If it was not authorized you need to promptly contact your credit card company.

For more information dealing with on-line fraud and identity theft you can visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website where you will find prevention information including a Card Not Present bulletin containing several prevention suggestions.

This fraud investigation continues.