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Incorrect Information about Inmate Release Circulating on Social Media

June 5, 2021

The North Bay Police Service has received several inquiries from members of the public and news media regarding a story circulating on social media about an inmate at the North Bay Jail allegedly escaping police custody while being transported to another location. These stories are incorrect.

On Saturday, June 5, 2021, an inmate at the North Bay Jail was properly released after serving their sentence. The individual was not being held in relation to any crimes committed in North Bay.

The individual was also wanted on warrants in other Ontario jurisdictions. The individual was not apprehended on those warrants after release.

After release, the individual was never in the custody of the North Bay Police Service, the Ontario Provincial Police, or any other Police Service in Ontario. As the individual was properly released and had not been arrested after release, they did not “escape” from police custody.

Contrary to claims on social media, the individual was never being transported by members of the NBPS, OPP, or any other Police Service in Ontario.

The individual is not wanted by the North Bay Police Service. There is no threat to public safety.