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Job Scam Alert

January 10, 2017

Looking for work and posting your resume online? Be aware of job scams.

Recently, a North Bay resident looking for work posted her resume on an employment website that matches job seekers with job advertisers. An employer, who she didn’t know at the time was a scammer, replied to her post and offered her work to clean a home in North Bay.

Before ever meeting the employer or starting work, the victim was told that if she wanted the job she had to first give the fraudster her personal information, including her banking details, which she did.

The scammer then sent her a $2,500 cheque as an advance payment and instructed the victim to deposit it into her account, which she did.

The scammer then asked the victim to send a “security deposit” of over $900 to New Mexico through a money transfer service. After she did this, the victim discovered that the original $2,500 cheque she had deposited was counterfeit and that her bank cancelled it. It was at this point that the victim contacted the North Bay Police Service to report the fraud.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of these types of international scams, there is very little that law enforcement agencies can do to track down these culprits, who use fake names, generic email addresses, postal box addresses, and money transfer services to conduct their fraudulent activities.

The victim lost her “security deposit” money and faced having to pay bank fees associated with her deposit of the counterfeit cheque.

Protect yourself from job scams

REMEMBER: There are no shortcuts to wealth—the only people that make money are the scammers.

CAUTION: Never send your bank account or credit card details to anybody you do not know and trust. If you cash the cheque and it turns out to be counterfeit, you could be held accountable for the entire monetary loss by your bank. Be especially cautious with persons who are very aggressive in their demands.

THINK: Don’t make any decisions without carefully researching the offer. Check the person’s name, physical address, company name, email address, phone number, website address, etc. Don’t hesitate to seek independent advice before making a decision.

INVESTIGATE: Beware of schemes claiming to guarantee income and job offers requiring payment of an upfront fee or sending money through a money transfer service. Make sure any franchise business opportunity is legitimate.