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Join SCRAM (Security Camera Resource and Mapping)

August 29, 2022

You could help to solve a crime and help to make your neighbourhood a safer place!

As part of the ongoing efforts to work with our community to enhance public safety we invite you to become involved in our security camera registration.

More and more people are installing security equipment in their homes which includes cameras. Police are trying to use this information to help keep the community safer. Police do not access the equipment. It’s just being registered to an address.

Participants can withdraw from the program and residents are not obliged to share video footage if police do canvass your residence.

If you have video cameras and would like to assist please provide us with the following information (listed below). If a crime is committed and video may be available the owner of the property may be contacted to allow investigators to view the images.

This is merely a way to cut down on the canvassing required when investigating an occurrence in a given location. Photo and/or video surveillance systems can play a vital role in police investigations and in the identification of persons of interest.

If you have a photo or video surveillance system at your residence and wish to join our S.C.R.A.M. (Security Camera Registration and Mapping) please email your information to [email protected]

We will require the following information;



Phone Number(s):

Email Address:

External Camera View: (what street or roadway can be viewed?)

Camera Type:

Retrieval requirement (do we need a disc / memory stick etc.):

Note: This is a voluntary program. If there is video evidence of a crime we will need to retrieve a copy of the video for investigative and potentially court purposes.