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North Bay Police Seeking Applicants for Part-Time Special Constable

June 29, 2022

Discover Policing as a Special Constable

The North Bay Police Service is hiring part-time Special Constables and looking for qualified, motivated individuals to take their first steps into the world of law enforcement.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

Special Constables at the North Bay Police Service take on many roles. Primarily they are responsible for processing recently arrested individuals, dealing with prisoners held in custody, ensuring prisoner safety, and transporting and supervising prisoners for court hearings.

Beyond these responsibilities, Special Constables may on occasion be required to serve court summonses, subpoenas, and provide crowd control at crime scenes.

Job Highlights

“The role of Special Constable is perfect for anyone interested in the judicial system and a career in law enforcement,” says North Bay Police Service Sergeant Ray Yelle. “Many of our Special Constables have used it as a launch pad into a full-time career as a Police Constable. But it’s also a rewarding career in its own right – one of our team members is actually one of the longest serving Special Constables in Ontario. The job provides a reliable work environment with new challenges each and every day.”

Special Constables earn $30.18 per hour, plus 8% pay in lieu of benefits and 5.4% vacation pay. Currently, Special Constables work an average of 27 hours per week. Please note, there is no weekly guarantee for number of hours. The North Bay Police Service’s secondary employment agreement also allows Special Constables to continue working elsewhere while employed with the North Bay Police Service.

Potential Applicants

“This is an excellent opportunity to obtain a unique, interesting and rewarding career,” says Deputy Chief of Police, Michael Daze. “Applicants who are security guards, retired police members or military personnel will be very well prepared for this job, but experience in the law enforcement field is not necessary. It is also a great job for people who might be working in the service sector, who spend their workday multi-tasking and interacting with many different people. We are looking for hard working, dedicated, team players who bring a range of skills and experience to our Police Service.”

If that sounds like you, apply to become a Special Constable with the North Bay Police Service be visiting: