News Releases

Summer Safety Reminder to Motorists

June 6, 2019

The North Bay Police Service is issuing a traffic safety reminder to motorists in North Bay and Callander.

Staff Sergeant Dubeau of the North Bay Police Traffic Section receives complaints on driving behaviors such as speeding. He advises community safety is always a concern and “With the warmer weather finally arriving, motorists should expect increases in both foot traffic and cyclists in our residential and park areas. This includes an added increase on the movements of our youth people.”

North Bay Police advise drivers that added attention is required at this time of year in dealing with the pedestrian traffic and our cyclists.

Deputy Chief Tod advises that “We remind our motoring public as they drive in our community that young people are out and about and enthusiast this time of year and this might cause them to be less safety oriented.”

Speeding Fines 0 to 15 km/hr. over = 0 points – the fine is $2.50 per km over limit

16 to 29 km/hr. over = 3 points the fine is $3.75 per km over limit

30 to 49 km/hr. over = 4 points the fine is $6.00 per km over limit

50+ km/hr. over = 6 points / 30 day license suspension and a court accessed fine.

Drivers who are caught talking on their phones, texting, dialing or emailing using a hand-held device, such as a cell phone and other entertainment devices will be fined up to $1,000 with a three-day licence suspension and three demerit points.

Please drive safely this summer season. Drive safe, drive sober, drive to arrive.