News Releases

Theft of Wallets

July 18, 2019

North Bay Police have received two reports of stolen wallets from the Main Street area of North Bay.

In the first occurrence at approximately 2 pm on July 16th a person attended a store on Main Street in North Bay and inadvertently left her wallet on the counter. When she returned several minutes later it was determined that another customer had picked up the wallet and left the store. The suspect is described as;

  • Older Caucasian man
  • Tall with white hair
  • Wearing a red t-shirt.

In the second occurrence a man placed his backpack on the ground close to his work location on Main Street on the morning of July 16th. At approximately 9:30 am the black backpack was picked up by a suspect who left the area. The backpack contain clothing items and a wallet.

The suspect is described as;

  • A female with her hair in a bun
  • Wearing a white shirt and black pants

What do you do if your wallet is stolen or lost?

  • Take care of the finances first! Call your financial institution if you lost your Credit or Debit cards and get them canceled. Thieves can do a lot of damage to your credit in a short amount of time, so you should deal with the missing cards in a timely fashion.
  • Try to list the contents of what was in your wallet.
  • Report the theft to the police. Police need date, time, location and what was stolen along with numbers for your financial cards and Government ID.
  • Put a Fraud Alert or Credit Freeze on your name. In Canada, Equifax and TransUnion are your two credit bureaus.
  • Lost Ontario Government ID. Driver’s licences, health cards, birth certificates and other services provided by the Ontario government.Contact your local Service Ontario office to get your replacements.
  • Lost your Federal government ID (SIN card, passport etc.) Service Canada provides Canadians with a single point of access. Contact your local Services Canada Office who provide a wide range of government services.

Want to prepare ahead of time?

Do a wallet audit. Photocopy or scan important documents or cards, front and back. Financial cards often have numbers to call in emergencies. Do you need everything that’s in your wallet? If it’s not essential then keep it in that secure storage location you have.