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Fall 2019 Civilian Police Academy

As part of our ongoing efforts to meet with and work in conjunction with our community we are running our second “Civilian Police Academy” this fall. The intent of the program is to provide individuals with a...

2 weeks ago

Business Break and Enter

On Monday evening North Bay Police responded to a report of a man stealing a lawn mower from a business on Memorial Avenue in North Bay. As a result of the investigation police arrested Eric Jodouin, age 23,...

2 weeks ago

Neighbour Dispute results in Criminal Charges

Last Friday night police responded to a report of a fight in a parking lot in the 500 block area of Lakeshore Drive in North Bay. An investigation resulted in the arrest of Jeffrey Quenneville, age 34, of...

2 weeks ago

School Bus Safety

North Bay Police remind members of the public that it is back to school time. It is time for drivers to prepare for the flashing lights of the school bus and the safety of our children walking to...

2 weeks ago

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