Traffic Complaints

For non-emergency traffic complaints in the City of North Bay after the incident has occurred, please call the North Bay Police Service's Platoon Resource Officer (PRO) at 705-497-5555, option 5. The PRO will ask you to provide the following specific information over the phone:

1. Incident

  • Date
  • Time (specify a.m. or p.m.)
  • Location
  • Direction of travel

2. Driver Information

  • Driver description
  • Male / Female
  • Age
  • other identifiable traits (hair, hat, glasses)

3. Vehicle Information

  • Licence plate number and province
  • Vehicle (year, make, model, colour, type)
  • Other identifiable features (four-door, tinted windows, dented on rear, truck with cap, design of decals, bumper stickers, etc.)

4. Details of Incident

5. Your Information

  • Full name
  • Full address including postal code
  • Telephone (home, business and/or mobile)
  • Date of Birth
After he/she records your complaint, the Platoon Resource Officer will file a report with the Traffic office for further investigation and follow-up. If the information you (the "Complainant") provide is found to be accurate and you're able to identify the driver and you're willing to go to court to testify, a charge will be laid.

Report Aggressive or Impaired Drivers

Any person who witnesses a driving offence, such as aggressive or impaired driving, can call the North Bay Police Service's other non-emergency line at 705-472-1234 to report a complaint. If the incident is in progress and if the driving is serious enough that other persons, whether motorists or pedestrians, are at risk, please call 911.

If you call 911, you will be asked where the aggressive or impaired driving is occurring (i.e. name of road, direction of travel), a description of the driver and vehicle along with your name and phone number.

If you witnessed the offence you will be required to attend court to testify.