Claim Property

All property held by the North Bay Police Service that has been seized by the police or held as evidence cannot be released unless written authorization from the investigating police officer is on file.

You may request property:

  1. By telephone;
  2. By email; or
  3. In person.

By telephone

Call the North Bay Police Service at 705-497-5555, press option 4, and be prepared to provide:

  • your full name;
  • a telephone number where we can reach you during the day;
  • a description of the property you are claiming;
  • the date of the occurrence;
  • the occurrence number (if available); and
  • the name of the investigating police officer.

By email

Please print, complete, sign and send the following form by email to [email protected].

Request for Property Release Form

In person

Visit the North Bay Police Service at 135 Princess Street West to fill out a Request for Property form in person.


You will be contacted when the property is available for pick-up.

At the time of pickup:

  • you must present photo identification;
  • if you have a "Safekeeping" notice served by a North Bay Police Service police officer, please present it;
  • if you have received consent to pick-up property on behalf on another person, you must present us with a letter that authorizes you to do so and that is signed by the property owner with his/her contact details and address.

In accordance with the Police Services Act, property in the possession of the North Bay Police Service that is subject to court proceedings cannot be released until 30 days after the conclusion of the court proceedings to allow for the appeal process.

Lost or Stolen Bicycles

If you are reporting a bicycle as lost or stolen, please fill out the Bicycle Identification Form in order to provide as much information to our officers as possible. Please drop off the form in-person at the North Bay Police Service. Any bicycles that are in the possession of the North Bay Police Service will be put up for auction after 30 days. Bicycle up for auction can still be claimed as stolen property if the owner provides proof of ownership.