Claim Property

All property held by the North Bay Police Service that has been seized by the police or held as evidence cannot be released unless written authorization from the Investigating Officer is on file.

To request property please contact the North Bay Police Service at 705-497-5555 and provide your name, contact number, property requested and the date of involvement. If available please also provide the report number and the name of the officer. This information will be recorded on a Request for Property Form and provided to the Exhibit Clerk for follow up. In the alternative you may download the form below, complete, sign and email it to You may also attend the North Bay Police Service to fill out the Request for Property Form in person. You will be contacted when the property is available for pick up.

If you have a "Safekeeping" notice served by an Officer, please bring it with you when retrieving your property.

If you are retrieving property for another person, with their consent, you must provide a letter authorizing you to pick the property up.

Please note that in all cases of property pickup you must present photo identification at the time of pickup.

In accordance with the Police Services Act, property in the possession of the Police Service that is subject to court proceedings cannot be released until thirty days after the conclusion of the court proceedings to allow for the appeal process.

Request for Property Release Form