Parade Permits

Below is the link for the Parade Permit Application Form which is a fillable and printable form. Please complete and return to the attention of the Traffic Office of the North Bay Police Service, 135 Princess Street West, North Bay or by fax at 705-497-5599.

There is no fee to apply for a Parade Permit.

If a temporary road closure is needed for the safety of participants, please contact the City of North Bay Engineering Department-Managing Director. If approved, Public Works may supply appropriate signs and barricades to accommodate the road closure and correspondence from the City Clerk's office will be sent to you.

Section 3 of the North Bay Police Service By-Law Parades and Processions #1-72 stipulates that "no parade, procession or public demonstration shall be held and no person shall join in or march with or drive, operate or ride on any vehicle or ride a horse or other any animal in any parade, procession or public demonstration on any street in the City of North Bay unless the Chief of Police has granted, in writing, a permit for such parade, procession or public demonstration".

Notifying the North Bay Police Service of parades, processions or public demonstrations occurring within the City allows the Service the opportunity to best allocate manpower and provide support or assistance if required. Applying for a Parade Permit also ensures the safety of all persons concerned.

Application for Parade Permit

By-Law Parades and Processions