Request a Police Report

Written requests for a police report may be made by mail or in person.

By mail

North Bay Police Service
c/o Records Management Office
P.O. Box 717
North Bay, Ontario
P1B 8J8

In person

North Bay Police Service
135 Princess Street West
North Bay, Ontario

Hours: Our front desk is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., seven days per week.

What to include in your request

  • your name
  • your home address
  • your telephone number
  • the date, time and location of the occurrence
  • the occurrence number (if available)
  • the name of the investigating police officer (if available)
  • the fee for the report requested, as described below.


In accordance with the North Bay Police Services Board's Fee Schedule, please include the required fee associated with your request:

  1. General Occurrence Report (includes HST) – item E
  2. Form Letter (includes HST) – item E
  3. Police Officer Notebook (each plus preparation time, Includes HST) – item D,3
  4. Witness Statement (each plus preparation time, Includes HST) – item D,2
  5. Motor Vehicle Accident Report (includes HST) – item D, 1


Request a General Occurence Report, Police Officer Notebook, and/or Witness Statement

Information from the following reports will only be released to the person or company directly involved:

  • General Occurrence Report;
  • Police Officer Notebook; and/or
  • Witness Statement.

Law firms or insurance companies making requests on behalf of their clients must provide us with written authorization from their client.

Request a Motor Vehicle Collision (MVC) Report

PLEASE NOTE: As of January 29, 2023, Ontario's Ministry of Transportation (MTO) will only accept Motor Vehicle Collision (MVC) reports that have been purchased from their website: Uncertified reports will meet the needs of most insurance claims and cost $12; certified reports are primarily needed only for legal reasons and cost $18. Payment is made to MTO via their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my name as the requestor be disclosed?

Your name will only be disclosed if you give permission for disclosure.

I can't recall the exact details of the information that I am looking for. Can I still make a request?

Provide as many details as you can in your letter and we will search for the records accordingly. You may be contacted for further details/clarification in order to assist with the search.

Are there additional fees?

There may be additional fees such as search, preparation and shipping fees. If you wish to have an estimate, contact the North Bay Police Service.

How long does a request take?

A request may take up to eight weeks to process depending on the scope of the information requested.

Why does it take that long?

A request that requires us to contact other involved parties generally takes longer to process. It also depends on the number of records you have requested.

What do I do if I need the report sooner than that?

Where a report is needed sooner, this information can be conveyed to us and where possible will be accommodated.

Will I get the complete report?

This depends on what is being requested and if the release of information would be deemed an invasion of another individual's personal privacy. It would be reasonable to expect some information would be blacked out; however, this is only done in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

What kind of payment do you accept?

You may pay by cash, certified cheque, money order, interac, VISA or Mastercard. If paying by cheque or money order, please make your cheque payable to the "North Bay Police Service."

Can my lawyer get the report for me?

Yes, your lawyer may act as your personal agent and apply for access, however, the same access rules apply.