This page contains links to the North Bay Police Services Board's strategic business plan and annual reports. You will also find links to our telephone and visitor surveys.

2017-2020 Strategic Business Plan

This is our roadmap towards 2020.

Developed in consultation with our public, whose opinions we documented through telephone and visitor surveys, the North Bay Police Service’s 2017-2020 Strategic Business Plan aims to meet the needs of the residents of North Bay and Callander.

2017-2020 Strategic Business Plan

Monthly Report Comparison

January 1 – August 31, 2018

January 1 - Sep 30, 2018

Annual Reports

2018 Annual Report2017 Annual Report2016 Annual Report2015 Annual Report


2018 Report on the Collection of Identifying Information In Certain Circumstances

2020 Annual Report - Form 7 - Missing Persons Act 2018

Collaborating with our community partners

We believe that crime prevention is a shared responsibility.

We are focused on working with our community partners to effectively and efficiently address the root causes of crime and social disorder and to increase community safety and well-being in North Bay and Callander.

The videos below demonstrate our commitment to working with community partners to meet our goals.

Mobile Crisis Team

Patch for Patch Program

The Gateway Hub

StreetArt Program

Community Surveys

2015 Visitor Survey

2015 Telephone survey of North Bay residents

2015 Telephone survey of Callander residents